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Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services for the Asian American Community in Montana

Any time you are battling with drug addiction, the first instinct will be to try and stop on your own. The Asian-American community in Montana will experience problems with addiction, such as gambling and drugs. Traditionally, within Asian culture, they will not necessarily reach out to drug treatment programs. What does happen is, the person who is struggling with the addiction or other behavioral problems, will reach out to their personal network, such as family, friends, and religious groups. This can be a good support network but will not necessarily provide the counseling and therapy you may need. Various types of drug treatment programs operate within the state of Montana, and this does include those that are state-funded and those within the private sector. The severity of the addiction or behavioral problem will determine the type of treatment needed. For example, severe drug addiction does tend to need long-term treatment, within a residential facility. Casual drug abuse problems or gambling addiction can often be treated through outpatient treatment.