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Drug & Alcohol Detox and Treatment Services for the Asian American Community in Vermont

Last updated: 30 September 2021

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Help is Possible

Drug abuse and addiction in Vermont is something that can be effectively treated, but you must make an effort to attend one of the treatment services within the state. Asian Americans who are struggling with addiction can find help through local mental health programs and private drug rehab centers in the state. Regardless of how severe your drug problem may be; it is important to find programs that will treat all your issues connected to your addiction. Commonly, most Asian Americans who are struggling with addiction do not necessarily reach out for help through local drug rehab. It is typical within many Asian cultures to seek out help through family, friends, or the church. This type of help can be an excellent support network, especially when you are finished drug rehab. However, it is important to find proper counseling and therapy, for your addiction. Substance abuse is not an easy process, but once you are done treatment; you can continue to improve your sobriety.

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