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Created On Friday, 22, July 2016
Modified On Monday, 30, November 2020

Information on the 12-Step Method for Treatment

What is Twelve-Step Substance Use Treatment in the Modern Day

This is a picture with the word 12-step programTwelve-step rehabilitation methods and 12-step recovery groups are one of the most accessed and utilized forms of substance use treatment within the United States. Overall, the premise of 12-step support is that people can help one another, which includes helping to maintain abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Much of the healing comes from surrendering to a higher power, but peer support and remaining connected to other sober people is essential. However, those who struggle with the 12-step approach struggle with the strong religious element. Modern-day substance use treatment centers offer an alternative to the 12-step methodology yet encourage group counseling and peer support.

The 12-step method helps recovering addicts become sober and maintain sobriety by carefully applying the 12-step philosophy. Also, it is the process of sharing experiences with others who have suffered similar issues with drugs and alcohol. Most participants, whether attending a treatment program or a 12-step meeting, find another member that serves as a sponsor that provides guidance and help. The sharing and group support approach, whether done at an inpatient or outpatient facility, or as part of aftercare recovery, has benefited countless addicts and helped them achieve long-lasting sobriety. The main barrier with 12-step approaches is garnering participation, yet this could be said with any approach to substance use rehabilitation.

However, when compared to cognitive-behavioral therapies or non-traditional approaches, 12-step approaches and counseling are not as successful. According to an article, Attitudes and Beliefs About 12-Step Groups Among Addiction Treatment Clients and Clinicians: Toward Identifying Obstacles to Participation, “The effectiveness of 12-step groups may be somewhat limited by a high attrition rate. Moreover,