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Twelve-Step Recovery Programs by State

Twelve-Step Recovery Programs by State

Drug and Alcohol Recovery with the Twelve-Step Program in the United States

It is safe to say that the vast majority of drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs offered today incorporate the twelve-steps of addiction treatment. What are twelve-steps? The twelve-steps can be defined as a set of guiding principals for recovering addicts. These principals have been incorporated to help treat all forms of addiction, substance abuse, and compulsion disorders, and can be applied to anyone. The twelve-steps have been adapted to addressing such a wide range of dependency issues and addiction problems that it has been incorporated into so many distinctive methods of drug rehabilitation treatment. Twelve-step methods are recognized worldwide, and there are hundreds of different programs providing help and support to addicts and recovering addicts.

Alcoholic Anonymous was one of the first programs developed in the late 1930s, and since then has been operating throughout the world helping addicts apply the twelve-traditions to their lives, and achieve their sobriety. Drug treatment programs that include the twelve steps include Alcoholic Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Heroin Anonymous, Chrystal Meth Anonymous, Marijuana Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Pills Anonymous, and Narcotics Anonymous. This also includes support groups for families, people struggling with gambling addiction, and as well co-dependent problems. These twelve traditions have been incorporated with so many different facilities, and it does play a huge role in the treatment and rehabilitation process for many addicts and recovering addicts.

The twelve-step approach can be very effective for those who apply and work the traditions. Many people working within the twelve-step programs maintain their connection to the various support groups, long after they have achieved some level of sobriety. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers will help their client’s transition into further support groups, which do incorporate the twelve-steps. It is important to understand that like anything within addiction treatment; the process must be applied and worked by the individual. Recovery and sobriety will not happen easily, but those whom have achieved it have worked at it, and overcame many obstacles to attain it. The twelve-step method is one of many different treatment modalities used, but has been in practice for a very long time.

How Do Twelve-Step Programs fit into Inpatient Drug Treatment?

Many of the inpatient drug treatment centers in the States utilize the twelve-steps of addiction treatment. This method has been operating within drug rehab centers for a very long time, and has helped thousands of people achieve sobriety. It is a very traditional approach to drug treatment, but can be very effective when followed.

Does the Twelve-Step Program work to Treat Addiction?

The twelve-step program has been working for a very long time to help treat addicts, and provide support for recovering addicts. Many of the drug rehab centers in the state of North Carolina do incorporate twelve-step treatment methods within their programs. Addicts can utilize these methods to achieve sobriety and work to remain sober.



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