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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers with Language-Specific Services in Iowa

Someone who speaks Spanish and struggles with drug or alcohol addiction needs a Spanish speaking program. Some drug treatment centers in Iowa may accommodate this, but you should ask the programs you contact. The Spanish speaking community in Iowa makes up around 6% of the population. It is difficult to communicate what is going to your counselor when English is not your first language. A Spanish speaking program will provide staff who speak Spanish and the proper material. Someone who is deaf or hard of hearing will need specific treatment. This would be a drug treatment program using American Sign Language. This is not always offered at a drug rehab center, and special arrangements do often have to be made. Yet, when contacting drug rehab centers for someone who is deaf, ask what services are available. The drug treatment program could have access to interpreters and the proper material to help. Being deaf or hard of hearing presents many challenges. Because of these challenges, it is easy to fall into a trap of addiction and substance abuse.

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Bobby Newman is a certified counselor and interventionist who has been performing successful interventions for over 17 years. He also has educated thousands of people on the danger of drugs and alcohol addiction.

Below, you will find a listing of different language-specific services for drug and alcohol dependency in Iowa. If you need help finding what you are looking for, do not hesitate to call one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.

List of Substance Abuse Programs by Language in Iowa