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Drug & Alcohol Testing for Companies by State

Drug & Alcohol Testing for Companies by State

Drug And Alcohol Testing For Companies in the United States

A drug test is defined as an analysis of a biological specimen of some kind; in humans, this can be urine, blood, breath, sweat, and fluid or saliva, and it is to help determine the presence or absence of drugs or the metabolites of drugs in a person’s body. Drug tests are utilized in many different ways, such as testing for performance-enhancing drugs, roadside tests done by police to determine a person’s blood-alcohol content.

Companies can perform drug's tests on employees, potential employees, and new hires; drug rehabilitation centers also perform drug tests to ensure a client's sobriety. They are utilized in many different fashions to detect the presence or absence of drugs and or alcohol in a person’s system. Some of the most common types of drug tests administered in the United States are tests done with someone’s urine; this is primarily used because of its low cost to the organizations’ using it. The way urine tests work is simply by using the drug test to determine if a parent drug or its metabolites are present. These tests cannot confirm the amount a person used or for how long, but it simply determines that there are drugs present in that person's body during that time.

There is also a breath test, which is highly commonly used by police officers to help determine a person’s blood-alcohol content, by measuring the alcohol concentration in the body by taking a very deep breath into a breathalyzer. A Breathalyzer is a widely used instrument that was developed in the early 1950s, and for the most accurate readings, a person must blow into the device over a period of 6 seconds. There are specific laws for each state that apply to breathalyzers, and for example, if a person is pulled over and refused to take a breathalyzer the officer can still charge them for impaired driving. Another very commonly used method is hair testing and has been used by different court systems throughout the United States for some time, typically through forensic evidence. Along with this, there are also blood tests that can be performed on individuals, and this can narrow down the amount of the toxins that may be in the person's body, what kinds of drugs and their metabolites, and for how long the drugs may have been in the person's body. These types of tests do, however, require specific types of equipment and trained professionals to administer them, and because of this, this particular method is not used often as other drug screening methods.

All throughout the United States, there are many different organizations that provide drug screening tests for companies and individuals; they would also provide some of the basic equipment needed for other organizations, such as rehabilitation centers, to perform drug tests at their respective facilities. When a new patient arrives into a treatment center, the administration will perform a drug test to determine what drugs the client may have in their system; this is to help with the detoxification process, so as knowing what the person is coming off of. Companies throughout the United States also perform drug tests on brand new employees and current employees, mainly to adhere to certain standards set by different boards and other organizations. Drug testing is very common today, as unfortunately many individuals use drugs, and drugs and alcohol can impair a person’s judgment, which can affect their jobs and personal life.