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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers In Louisiana

What are the various types of rehabs available in Louisiana for drugs and alcohol addiction? Should the person attend a rehabilitation center in a different state, or it is best to stay within Louisiana? Where do we start?

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Louisiana Drug Abuse Facts

The main drug threats against the state of Louisiana are cocaine (crack cocaine), methamphetamine and marijuana. Aside from these most common drug threats, there has been a notice in the rise of club drugs, notably MDMA (ecstasy), LSD and GHB among other things.

Louisiana neighbors one of the largest bodies of water in the world - the Gulf of Mexico. This factor alone contributes to Louisiana's notoriously historic title as a drug-smuggling center. With over 6,000 miles of open waterways, and even larger stretches of broken shorelines, drug traffickers are presented with facilitated means of entering large quantities of drugs into the state. Local law enforcement has been busy with higher numbers of drug seizures on the highways of Louisiana, which is another popular means of importing drugs thanks to the states' proximity to several major source cities. Despite the added pressure by authorities, the drug problem seems to be on the rise.

Crack cocaine, more than powdered cocaine, is a primary drug threat in Louisiana. The most threatening part for the state of Louisiana is the percentage of violent acts and crimes related to the abuse and distribution of cocaine. This drug affects both the rural and the metropolitan area of Louisiana.

Mexican DTOs and Black-American criminal groups transport the majority of the powdered cocaine into Louisiana. DTOs and criminal groups are the primary wholesale distributors of this type of cocaine. Black American street gangs and local Black American independent dealers are the chief distributors of crack at the retail level.

Methamphetamine is increasing in Louisiana. It is even reported that because of its cost and the longer-lasting effects, it has surpassed cocaine in some parts of the state. Most of the meth found in Louisiana comes from Mexico because the number of local methamphetamine laboratories can’t produce enough for the demand.

Meth has as its most frightening effect a very strong addiction. This addiction is not something that easy to get rid of. It first starts with actually using the drug, then the person has a compulsive need to take some more, and so seeks the drug. While all this is happening, some clear changes are happening in the brain, making the person act the way she does.

Additional Drug Treatment Services

Addicts and families who require special services and specific drug treatment options will be able to locate a variety of facilities, which do offer something different.  These services can include rehabilitation programs that are faith-based, services offered in different languages when needed, treatment centers for specific gender and age groups, such as adolescent drug treatment.  Law firm’s which specifically help DUI and DWI offenders operate within the state of Louisiana, and can help offenders through the whole process.  Different types of payment can be accepted at the drug and alcohol treatment facilities in the state, and this does include health insurance, which most facilities will accept.  Some centers will be private facilities, while others will be low cost or in some cases offer free services to their clients.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers

Drug detox is one of the more important steps needed in helping addicts become physically ready for a rehabilitation program.  The patient must be physically withdrawn from the drugs or alcohol they are abusing, as it will make the treatment process that much easier for the patient.  Some different detox services are offered in the state of Louisiana, and this does include home detox kits, traditional detox centers, and medical detox facilities. Medical detox will be used if an addict requires other medications to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms; this will not be the case for all drugs, but some drugs such as pain medications will require this.  Detox is only the first step in the whole rehabilitation process; an addict must attend some form of therapy or consenting.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services in Louisiana

The Department of Health and Hospitals in the state of Louisiana operates the Office of Behavioral Health, which offers addictive disorder services for men, women, and teens.  These services are provided statewide utilizing different treatment methods such as rehabilitation facilities, detox centers, counseling services and other forms of therapy. The website is set up where individuals can locate proper resources, but if a person is unable to find the right help there are many locations in Louisiana parishes where they can go through an addictions assessment.  These types of assessments are typically offered at drug treatment centers or consenting centers, but can help an addict and their family get into direct contact with a suitable drug rehab program.

Residential and Outpatient Rehabilitation

Within the state of Louisiana are numerous outpatient and residential drug treatment facilities; with residential programs offered as short-term or long-term.  The difference between short-term and long-term is months, and it is best to speak with a qualified professional to help determine what length of stay is appropriate.  Residential centers are live-in facilities that provide most of all the amenities needed to help ensure patients are comfortable during their treatment.  Outpatient drug rehabilitation is set up for a patient to attend daily counseling and therapy, but they will not be living at the center while going through the whole process.  There is greater responsibility put on the patient at an outpatient center, as they will have to remain clean and sober when they return home at the end of each day.

Below, you will find a list of treatment and services for alcohol & drug abuse in Louisiana. The list is incomplete, so please use the menus for a specific research (ex: rehab for youth, medical detox, holistic services, etc.) If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors now at 1-800-304-2219.

List of Drug & Alcohol Rehabs for Addiction in Louisiana


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