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Created On Tuesday, 12, January 2016
Modified On Friday, 23, October 2020

Information on Substance Abuse Interventions

This is a picture oh the word Intervention with an arrowAn intervention involves an organized attempt to confront a loved one with addiction about how their drug or alcohol use has affected everyone around them. Intervention provides crucial support and allows the opportunity for family, friends, colleagues, and even employers an opportunity to tell the person how their addiction has been a problem in their lives. A family intervention is a carefully planned process and is organized with the help of a certified intervention specialist. Intervention groups operate across the country and work with treatment centers helping families regain control and save the life of their loved ones.

Also, most drug and alcohol treatment centers have counselors who are trained to help families prepare for an intervention. These services are important when a family is working with an inpatient or outpatient drug rehab program. Interventions are carefully planned and, with the right help, are successful. However, there is a common misconception that intervention is only done as a last resort, and this is not true. Early intervention is crucial because it prevents an addiction from spiraling out of control. An intervention could be done at any time, and with the help of a certified interventionist, they are successful.

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There are several types of drug and alcohol intervention, which most qualified family interventionists are trained to utilize. The Johnson Model was created by Vernon Johnson and is the most recognizable form of intervention. This model involves the family and a guided interventionist confronting the individual struggling with an addiction. The Invitation Model, or what is known as Systemic Family Intervention, was developed by Ed Spear and Wayne Raiter. The process focuses on a family-orientated approach, and everyone involved is invited to a workshop led by an interventionist to discuss how addiction has affected the family.

Additionally, there is the Field Model of Intervention, which is similar to the Johnson Model as it involves a confrontational approach without the person's prior knowledge. The family interventionist has the training to manage crises during the intervention process and after. The first step for the family is making the decision to follow through with an intervention. Substance abuse becomes work when the drug-addicted individual does not get the help they need. Family Interventions groups are an excellent place to begin because they have the necessary resources to help the family and addict.

When is the Best Time to Consider Family Intervention?

This is a picture of three people in the middle of an interventionThe best time to plan and organize a professional intervention is at any point when the family begins to recognize the addiction and the problems it is creating. The process could begin with researching drug rehab centers and talking to addiction professionals. Most substance abuse treatment centers know of intervention groups and can refer families to these intervention groups. The same applies when families speak with intervention groups; they know of treatment centers that offer the proper resources and help for someone addicted to drugs or alcohol. The process begins with making the decision to help the drug-addicted individual. Families are often caught in the middle and are enabling the addict, or there are iss