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Created On Tuesday, 26, July 2016
Modified On Wednesday, 17, March 2021

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) for Drug & Alcohol Abuse in Utah

Each employee assistance program that is provided by an employer in Utah will be different from the next. If you feel your drug problem or alcohol abuse problem is pouring over into your work life, it will be a good idea to contact an employee assistance program for help. All the information gathered by the EAP is kept confidential, and in fact, there are laws in place protecting employees who contact an EAP about their drug or alcohol abuse problem. Workplace drug abuse is a common problem for many employers in Utah, and employee assistance programs are essential in helping employees have a place they can reach out to if they need help. Anyone struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction in Utah should reach out to local drug treatment services in Utah for help. It will be a good idea, if your employer has an EAP, to contact them via telephone and find out what services may be provided to you.

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