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The problem is, when people enable an addict, that addict is therefore more able to continue to abuse drugs and alcohol. That is the whole theory and gist behind enabling. Being an enabler is actually worse than completely cutting the addict off and never talking to them again.

To enable an addict is to seal their fate that they will be addicted to drugs and alcohol for life. Addicts feed off of enablers, and they get their ability to continue to be an addict from their enablers. This is very concerning to say the least, but also very true. Sadly, enablers really do cause a lot of problems and trouble for those who suffer with drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse, because they help the addict out in such a way that they can continue to go on and abuse drugs and alcohol.

An enabler is someone who helps an addict in any way that in some way, whether directly or indirectly, assists them to continue to be an addict. This could be doing things like:

  • Giving the addict money.
  • Giving the addict clothes.
  • Giving the addict food.
  • Giving the addict a place to stay.
  • Giving the addict a car.
  • Giving the addict a phone.

How Not to Be an Enabler

There are three simple steps to not being an enabler:

  • Do not help the addict in any way.
  • Apply tough love to the addict.
  • Only provide assistance to the addict that is directly conducive to them getting help for their addiction problem.

These are the key, three steps for someone who wants to not enable their addicted loved one.