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Experiential Therapy Services for Substance Abuse Services in the District of Columbia

Experiential therapy is a common form of treatment used to help addicts through tough drug addictions. This form of therapy is used to help an addict express negative emotions, and re-experience past emotional events, in a healthy way. Drug and alcohol treatment programs in Washington D.C. may provide this type of service, to help an addict start to explore their negative feelings. This is commonly done with expressive tools and activities, which include music, art, role-playing, recreational activities, animals, or guided imagery. This can be an effective approach to help addicts, especially those who are completely bottled up. When you start to struggle with drug addiction, it is difficult to express your feelings, and open up and talk to others. Expressive forms of treatment have proven successful to treat addiction, and it can be a viable option for some addicts. Drug rehab programs in Washington D.C. include both residential and outpatient services, for state-funded addiction treatment and private drug rehab centers.