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Created On Tuesday, 08, January 2019
Modified On Friday, 23, October 2020

Information on Faith-Based Substance Abuse Treatment

Faith-based substance use treatment programs approach alcohol and drug addiction from a spiritual, personal perspective while also focusing on physical and psychological rehabilitation. Many faith-based rehabilitation programs view an individual’s addiction as an attempt to compensate in some way for an inner sense of spiritual emptiness or lack of spiritual worth. However, there are countless reasons why someone becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol. Faith-based rehabilitation programs teach those within the program how to strengthen their own spiritual foundation and personal resolve. Also, the program finds out what caused them to abuse drugs or alcohol in the first place. Faith-based programs focus on increasing self-worth to help overcome their need for drugs or alcohol.

Overall, spiritual substance abuse treatment programs provide the very same similar therapy and tools as any other rehabilitation facility. Faith-based treatment centers teach spiritual principles, religious morals, and encourage spiritual involvement. There is a focus on the relationship with a higher power during the healing process to achieve sobriety. The process of incorporating spirituality and faith into substance use treatment has been around for a long time. Faith-based approaches have been a suc