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One of the problems within the field of addiction is some "referral agencies" are, in fact, owned by treatment centers to fill their beds, which is by itself misleading visitors. This is widely covered on the Internet https://theintercept.com/2017/10/17/google-search-drug-use-opioid-epidemic/.

 DRS and RNT CONSULTING LLC are an independent website and call center not owned by any treatment. We are also trying to refer you to treatment that believes in good treatment practice, not rehabs that substitute an addiction with another dependency using medication. We believe that a drug-free life can be achieved. Medication can be used but only for detox purpose.

Our goal is to give you the possibility of attain a drug-free life.


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Search Free or Low-Budget Rehabs by States

Free or Low-budget Rehab Centers For Drug & Alcohol Addiction In the United States

When people think of affordable and or free drug and alcohol rehabilitation, they may ask what is considered affordable. Affordable can be defined as low-cost or no cost, or even covered by basic forms of health insurance. These types of programs can range in the hundreds of dollars or more, or covered by insurance and or can be completely free of charge. Most states, and cities within them will have some form of affordable and or free substance abuse treatment program, or an organization that provides some form of help and treatment services.

When addiction hits, it will do damage across all aspects of a person's life, more notably it will impact a person's finances quite heavily, and some cases will completely wipe a person's finances out. Some addicts can maintain some level of financial responsibility, meaning they are not completely broke. They may still be holding down a job, or being helped out by family and friends. In other cases, an addict can be completely broke, have no source of income, and living day by day just trying to survive. This can put a financial burden and strain on the addict's family, because most families will do what they can to help their loved one, but in turn can be draining their finances and potentially seeing no results.

Did you know this about free or low budget rehabilitation centers?

Some programs are set up with the help of dedicated volunteers and organizations. They provide funding to keep them open and at a low cost or no cost. Some are also funded by the state, so low income homes can get help for their loved ones.

When it comes to drug and alcohol rehabilitation, many programs and centers can come at a hefty cost, which most addicts are not necessarily able to afford. Of course, there are situations where family and friends were able to pay for treatment or get them into a program right away. Other addicts may not have any form of health insurance they can rely on to help cover the cost of a substance abuse program, and with all this said. How is a person with no source of income or support, who is addicted to drugs able to get help. Throughout many states, there are numerous volunteer organizations, and organizations that rely on local funding and donations, who operate drop-in centers, short term shelters, short term drug programs, detox programs; all of this to help people in a very tough situation who need help. Without these programs, these addicts who are in this situation would not really be able to get any help for their addiction. Most of these organizations, which operate with volunteers, can and do provide some extensive resources to help addicts. For example, some organizations will provide free addiction therapy and counseling services, access to 12 step meetings and support groups. There may be services that provide re-integration back into the work force, financial aid, and meal programs.

Affordable drug and alcohol treatment is available, and many free services can be found. Addiction will strike all walks of life, and some get hit very hard by it and end up losing a great deal in his or her life. There are dedicated people and organizations out there helping these individuals on a daily basis, and ensuring they are given a chance to get their lives back together. It is also important to know that substance abuse services come in so many different options, and the high-cost treatment programs are not the only options out there. Affordable and free treatment is being provided more within in inner cities to help the homeless, and low-income families who are battling an addiction or watching a loved one go through it. Do not give up the search for help, the right help is available to everyone, so as anyone who is struggling with addiction can get his or her life back.