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Heroin Addiction Treatment & Detox Centers In the District of Columbia

What is heroin?

Heroin is an illegal drug which has a potential for dependence and strong addiction. Like opium and morphine, it is made from the resin of poppy plants. Users of heroin experience severe psychological side effects. It can be smoked, inhaled, or injected with a needle.

How long will heroin show up on a drug test?

There are 3 different types of heroin drug testing:

  • Urine tests: 2-4 days after use
  • Blood tests: up to 6 hours after ingestion
  • Saliva tests: 5-48 hours after ingestion

The National Drug Threat Assessment Summary released in 2016 indicated heroin-related deaths rose significantly from 2004 to 2014. In 2004 there were 1,879 deaths, and by 2014 this rose to 10,574 deaths. Heroin is problematic throughout many parts of the country. Drug rehab centers in Washington D.C. regularly treat heroin addicts. Unfortunately, for most heroin users it’s a constant struggle to become drug-free. A heroin addiction should be treated with medical detox to start. The withdrawal pain is uncomfortable and does force heroin users to stay on the drug. Once detox is complete, the addict should start a long-term drug rehab center. Residential programs provide better results for this addiction. It may be difficult to convince a heroin addict to go to treatment because there is always that thought they can do it without help. It is important that heroin addiction is treated right away. The longer a heroin user is abusing the drug, the more at risk they are for an overdose.

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