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Created On Monday, 21, March 2016
Modified On Wednesday, 10, March 2021

Halfway Houses for Drug & Alcohol Dependency in Vermont

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When you are staying at a halfway house in Vermont, it will be because you need a transition period after drug and alcohol treatment. Halfway houses can also help people who have been released from prison, and anyone who was recently homeless. Each halfway house does operate differently from the next, but there are some basic rules. For example, there will often be a set curfew, and there will be no drugs or alcohol allowed, and you will have to pay rent, and there will be daily chores and responsibilities. Having rules in place does help build structure and routine, which are two important aspects to a successful recovery from addiction. A halfway house will not be for everyone, and when you are searching for one in Vermont, there will be some for men, and those for women. A halfway house should be considered a transitional period, and a time where you can build a life, find a new job, save some money, and continue with counseling or meetings.

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