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California Home Detoxification Programs For Alcohol And Drug Addiction

California Home Detox Programs

Throughout the state of California are hundreds of different drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs and services. Despite the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration site offering directories for many of these programs, there is no listing for home detox services. Some drug treatment centers will have available home detox kits, which can be purchased, but in most circumstances, an addict may be coordinating their detox with a family doctor.

Did you know this about home detox?

Each states in the U.S. have location where people can be told how to detox at home. You need to have an okay from a professional before you try detoxing at home from Drugs, Alcohol or Medications.

Can my family help me through the detox?

When going through a home detox, it is best to have some type of support available through the whole process. Whether these are family or friends; because a drug detox can be difficult to go through, one should not attempt it on their own. Having the extra support available will also help ensure that the addict will not return to their drug of choice when things get tough.

Here is a list of Home Detox Programs in California. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.