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Created On Thursday, 04, February 2016
Modified On Wednesday, 10, March 2021

Information on Home Detox for Drug Abuse

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This is a picture with Time to Detox written on itHome detox is different from professional detox because, generally, the detox occurs within a non-medical setting such as a person's home. Professional detox involves the implementation of specific medical and psychological support. The purpose of a professional drug detox program is to ease the discomfort and dangers associated with drug withdrawal. Addiction professionals recommend professional detox for the safety of the recovering addict. The detox process should take place under the care of a team of trained professionals. Whether the detox provides medical supervision or offers conventional detox support, professional settings are usually more effective. However, some drug users choose a home detox because they are unable to afford detox or do not have insurance.

Other reasons for choosing home detox is because of the comfort of being at home; however, there are pros and cons to detoxing at home. Detoxification is the process of letting the body remove the immediate drug toxins and safely manage withdrawal symptoms. Someone addicted to drugs or alcohol would experience physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. Detox takes place in the early stages of addiction treatment—home detox is no different, and it would occur before the person attends inpatient or outpatient drug rehabilitation.

Abruptly quitting drugs or alcohol on your own without professional help is difficult and problematic. The problems are severe with severe long-term addiction or a drug problem involving opioids, prescription drugs, and alcohol. Some of the difficult symptoms experienced during withdrawal include anxiety, nausea, vomiting, and tremors. More severe withdrawal symptoms or withdrawal complications include seizures, which could occur with severe alcoholism. Overall, there are many different types of withdrawal services available. Most detox facilities offer supportive or social detox, but not all detox facilities are equipped to manage certain types of withdrawal medically. When considering home detox, it is crucial to arrange extra support, whether from family or friends or a medical professional.

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The Pros and Cons of Home Detox and When to Consider It

This is a picture of a girl crying in the arms of a manTypically, a professional detox process involves the initial evaluation, where the patient undergoes a complete mental and medical health assessment. Usually, these ar