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Addiction Services for Girls Under 18 by State

Addiction Services for Girls Under 18 by State

How Do I Help My Adolescent Teenage Girl Remain Drug and Alcohol-Free?

Helping your adolescent teen girl or child get the help they need is important. The rehabilitation process is not easy and does take time. During an adolescent teen girl’s life, there can be many high-risk times for initiating substance abuse. For many children or adolescent girls, this can be the pressure of starting a new school. Meeting new friends, self-esteem, or finding your confidence. It is during this time in a young person’s life, where parents and anyone else must be supportive. Providing guidance, support, and encouragement to succeed in life. This same approach must be continued when they complete any type of rehabilitation or counseling.

It is difficult for young girls at that age to fully comprehend the effects of drug addiction. Many of these children are growing up in high-stress non-supportive environments. There is also childhood trauma and the risk of child abuse in some cases. If these problems are not addressed during the therapy process, it will be difficult for them to remain drug-free. To ensure your adolescent teen girl remains drug-free will have much to do with the environment they go back to. Highly supportive environments that are stress-free will be of help. However, avoiding stress is not always easy, especially as a teenager. It is important to continue to work on coping skills and methods to manage difficult problems in life.

Finally, staying connected to the community, family, and peer support is essential. Having supportive friends, who are also drug-free will be an asset. Being involved with the community is essential. This becomes an opportunity to give back to others. It also helps give a purpose when there is downtime. It is a good idea to stay involved with school activities, sports, or afterschool projects. This will help ensure other things occupy their time besides thinking about abusing drugs and alcohol.