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Medicare Insurance for Addiction Services by State

Medicare Insurance for Addiction Services by State

How Does Medicare Work for Drug and Alcohol Treatment?

Medicare can be used to cover the cost of drug and alcohol treatment.  Yet, there are some rules about the provider’s people can use to receive coverage.  Some types of addiction treatment are not covered by Medicare.  There are certain conditions that must be met before Medicare covers drug and alcohol treatment.  The provider must deem that the services are necessary.  The care received must be through a Medicare-approved facility.  Or from a Medicare-approved provider, and your provider must set up a plan of care.

The best option is to contact your Medicare service provider and find out how it can help.  You can also visit where you can find this information.  Substance abuse does affect many people who have Medicare insurance.  This is often older adults 65 and up, who have drug problems such as alcohol abuse, or prescription drug addiction.  When searching for drug rehab centers that accept Medicare, it is important to find one that will treat your addiction.