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Prescription Drugs Rehabs & Detox by State

Prescription Drugs Rehabs & Detox by State

How Does Prescription Drug Addiction Start?

Opioids, central nervous system Definition of the word central nervous system depressants, and stimulants are prescribed to millions of Americans for different reasons.  Many believe prescription drug addiction is on the rise because of the increasing number of available drugs.  The internet provides extensive access with illegal online pharmacies making it easy for anyone to access these drugs.  Many prescription drugs are legal in Mexico but not in the United States.  This makes it an open market for many different types of narcotics.  Many of the prescription drug addictions start with teens.  Parents often do not lock up their unused medications providing an opportunity for some teens to steal the drugs. 

There are some common reasons why prescription drug addictions start.  Initially, it will begin with the prescription.  The person taking the drug may misuse in a way not intended.  The underlying reasons why this happens are extensive and different for everyone.  This one misuse provides them the desired effect despite always having felt that effect before.  The reason for using it this time is different and this becomes addicting.  The drug provides the escape and relief you need from the problems, situation, or pain you are struggling with.  This continues with more abuse of the drug to achieve that same desired feeling you felt the first time. 

One other way these addictions start is through long-term prescription use.  Many of these drugs are meant for a short-time as-needed use unless its chronic pain.  Yet, many Americans go beyond and continue to use the drug even when not needed.  Much of it is a psychological dependency, but the body and mind have built a tolerance.  This tolerance must be met with the drug otherwise withdrawal symptoms occur.  This discomfort triggers the body to want more and the person will continue using the drug.  Tolerance and dependency lead to addiction because many doctors will realize their patients no longer need the drug.

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