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Illinois Hospital Inpatient Services for Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Hospital inpatient services are often referred to as residential addiction treatment programs and are designed to provide a patient with more medical benefits than a traditional inpatient drug rehabilitation program. Some of these benefits include medical staff and doctors on-site to offer continuous medical care and support. Additionally, the hospital inpatient treatment programs in the state of Illinois can also offer medical detox to help addicts with dangerous withdrawals, such as from opioids. Addicts who require more medical supervision will benefit from these types of programs. Across the state of Illinois are many different types of drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs and services to help addicts and their families. Despite the type of addiction, there are treatment services to ensure an addict can fully overcome his or her addiction. Hospital inpatient treatment services are primarily residential programs, and typically short-term in nature, but longer-term drug and alcohol rehab can always be gotten when required.

Partial Hospitalization Programs for Substance Abuse in Illinois

Partial hospitalization programs are also called intensive outpatient services or are sometimes referred to as day rehab. These types of treatment programs are more intense than a typical outpatient center and can benefit addicts who are confident and far enough along in treatment that they no longer require residential care. Each day a patient will attend treatment daily for five to seven days per week for up to eight hours each day. Partial hospitalization programs can help with any type of drug problem or addiction, but addicts who have been using drugs for several years may benefit from a long-term residential program in the state. Partial hospitalization services in Illinois can help addicts with medication management, certain types of detox, and offer medical care that what would be provided at an outpatient center. Anyone struggling with a drug or alcohol problem in the state should reach out to local treatment services for help, such as partial hospitalization programs.

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Illinois Addiction Services by Type of Drug

Illinois Addiction Services by Type of Drug