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Alcohol And Drug Rehab Treatments For Military In Illinois

Within the state of Illinois, there are some different options available to military personnel, service members, and veterans whom are battling a drug and or alcohol addiction. Some people will search for private programs, others will turn to the Army Substance Abuse Program, and other supports provided by the military, and other will turn to government-funded programs that come at low-cost or no cost, or covered by military insurance. Whatever the program may be it is important to seek the right kind of help, as an addiction will typically only get worse for the person. Illicit drug abuse does not happen as frequently in the military as it does with the civilian population. It has been seen that prescription drug abuse and alcohol abuse occurs more frequently with military personnel and veterans. For many active-duty members and those who come back from war zones it is not uncommon to experience different forms of stress that will affect a person physically and or mentally.

Did you know this about drug programs for military personnel?

The United States Military offers treatment and prevention programs for its members and retired members. There is no stigma attached to struggling with addiction and being in the military, as the help is offered, and the problems are being recognized.

When mental stress occurs, the person could potentially be prescribed different medications to help deal with the problem. If these medications are not taken as directed it is possible to end up abusing them, as you will be experiencing a different level of high if the drug is a narcotic. When this occurs, it is not uncommon to start abusing alcohol or start binge Definition of the word drinking, which occurs quite frequently among male and female service members. When an injury does occur, many service members are prescribed opiates for pain management depending on the severity of the injury. Granted a person can manage their pain properly and take these drugs when needed, and eventually get off of them. However, it does occur quite often where a person will end up abusing them and develop a physical dependency to them, making it that much more difficult to stop taking them.

Below you can find a listing of different drug & alcohol rehabilitation programs for military personnel in Illinois. The list can be incomplete so if you do not find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.