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Alcohol And Drug Addiction Detox Treatment In Indiana

At Drug Rehab Services, we strive to help people handle their addiction to drugs or alcohol. We provide assessments to help people find the right treatment for them. One of the options that we can help you with is detox programs. This page is here to give you as much information as possible on your options for detox programs in Indiana. However, if a person you still need help finding the right detox treatments in Indiana or elsewhere, you can contact us by phone or through our contact form.

Did you know this about drug/alcohol detox centers?

Detox programs are now becoming a part of the center the addict may be attending. In house detox allows an addict to make an easy transition from detox into treatment, and helps them avoid second guessing options for full substance abuse treatment.

Indiana has a few detox treatments across the state, in cities such as Indianapolis, Evansville and Richmond just to mention a few. One can be living in the facility throughout the whole process or one can choose an outpatient detox. Both are available throughout Indiana. Furthermore, when necessary, there are some detoxification programs that will provide partial hospitalization. This is usually essential with harder drugs. Also, if a person is not an adult yet, there are some drug detox centers in Indiana that will accept teenagers.

Even if there are not a million of choices, the search for the right detox and drug rehab treatment is extremely important. It is a crucial step and is not to be taken lightly. The trick is to find the type that suits one best, but that also fits one’s financial situation. This can be a tricky situation, and we can help you figure it all out. And if you can’t find the detox or rehab that suits in Indiana, we also have resources to help you find a drug treatment somewhere else in the United States.


Some of the more common drugs that do require detox are heroin and other opiates, crystal meth, and many narcotic prescription medications. Detox, however, is an important step for every drug user, despite the drugs they are abusing. Every type of drug may require some form of detox, as all drugs do react differently when a person takes them and then decides to stop using them.


Drug and alcohol detox facilities are provided all throughout the state of Indiana, and these services include detoxification, medical detox, and home detox kits, which can be provided through drug treatment centers. Suboxone used in treatment and detox can help opiate addicts, where as a methadone user can go through a withdrawal program to help them wean off methadone.


The process can take anywhere from a few days to upwards of a month, but this is all depending on many different factors. This can include pre-existing health factors, the types of drugs being abused, and how long they have been abusing them. Every patient will go through a different experience with drug detox, but the length of time will be different for each patient.


Medical detox is a process using other non-addictive drugs to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms, where as a conventional detox will help handle more common street drugs. Medical detox will assist both addicts and non-addicts, as not everyone struggling with a drug problem is an addict. There are many individuals physically dependent on prescribed medications, and require a wean down program and medical detox.

Here is a list of the different Detox Centers in Indiana. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.