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Residential Long Term Drug & Alcohol Rehab Programs In Iowa

The biggest drug problem that the state of Iowa is currently dealing with is an addiction to marijuana. There are several reasons why a person takes marijuana. Some of them do it to self-medicate (yet do not have a prescription, which makes it illegal). Some enjoy the sensation they get from smoking it, and others simply do it because all of their friends and family are doing it. Some addicts do not even know why they are smoking the marijuana.

The biggest concern that Iowa has regarding the number of individuals who are addicted to marijuana is that it is a gateway drug. A person that starts off with a marijuana addiction will often also start taking some other type of drug, which can lead to all sorts of problems.

Long Term Substance Abuse Rehab in Iowa

Any type of drug or alcohol addiction is a dangerous problem, and the long-term drug rehab centers in Iowa have the tools and methods to treat all types of addiction. Some of the commonly abused drugs in Iowa do include cocaine, marijuana, and prescription drugs. Prescription stimulant abuse in the state of Iowa came in second as the most abused drug and commonly treated drug, whereas cocaine use has been on the decline with the abuse of it, and people seeking out treatment. It can be easy to slip into a drug addiction problem, and for too many addicts in Iowa; addiction is something they have struggled with much of their adult life. When you start to search for drug rehab centers in the state, long-term programs can provide the better options. Within a long-term program, an addict can take the time they need to work through every aspect of his or her addiction. Receiving the proper counseling and support is paramount, because there will be underlying issues and reasons why you started to abuse drugs and alcohol. The length of time it takes should not be a consideration, and therefore, long-term drug rehab centers can offer the better solutions.

Because opioid addiction has become a national crisis throughout the country, long-term drug rehab centers have been steadily helping treat the addiction. For many people in Iowa, battling an addiction to opioids has become a life-long struggle. This type of addiction can be hard to treat, because of the physical and psychological dependency the drugs create. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reported in 2017, there were 206 overdose deaths because of opioids within the state. The rise in overdose deaths is because of heroin use, followed by synthetic opioids such as fentanyl. Anyone struggling with an opioid addiction should be seeking out long-term treatment. This method of treatment is the most effective. Detox will take time for any opioid addict, and when you can make a smooth transition into a long-term program, you will increase chance for success. Long-term drug rehab will address the underlying issues connected to the opioid addiction. There is always a reason why someone would have started to abuse heroin, and once this is found it will make the rest of treatment much easier to handle. Long-term drug rehab centers in Iowa will include those within the private sector, and you may find some options within the state-funded sector of addiction treatment.

The best way to make sure that the addict does not develop any other addictions is to get them enrolled in one of the state’s residential drug rehabilitation programs. There are two choices. The person can either become a patient in a long term facility, or they can go to one of the state’s short term program.

It is important that the addict understands that they are going to be at the facility for a while. They are not going to be allowed to leave. This means that the addict is going to have to make an effort to find someone to make sure the bills get paid, and if they have any pets that they have a place to stay until the addict has been released from the program. When the addict has been freed from the residential program, they should continue the counseling at an outpatient treatment facility. The more seriously the addict takes the program, the more likely they are to stay drug free for the rest of his or her life.

90-Day Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in Iowa

Throughout the state of Iowa, there are just over 12 different locations where a 90-day drug and or alcohol treatment program can be offered to addicts. Many addicts whom have been through other programs will typically choose a longer program; being a 90-day program, to help them really understand and treat their addiction problems. Those addicts who really want to handle their addiction to the fullest will tend to go to a 90 drug rehabilitation program where they know they can stay there for that length of time and focus on themselves.

The Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment Process

The typical process with inpatient rehab centers does require the patient to live in the facility during their treatment. Drug rehabilitation programs are not locked down facilities, and a person can leave, but the staff will of course attempt to convince them that help is the only option. In some situations, a patient may be court ordered to treatment, and will have to complete a program, otherwise they may be facing jail time.

Does a Person Have to Use Everyday to Become Addicted?

No, a person does not have to use everyday to become addicted. Many patients who attend long-term inpatient drug treatment programs are binge Definition of the word binge users, and will go days and or even weeks without using until they start back up again. An addiction can happen very easily, and it does not take much to push a person further down.

How Can a Person Become Addicted?

There can be many different factors, which lead to a person’s addiction, and these are all treated within an inpatient drug rehab. One of the most common factors is unhandled incidents within a person's life, which have caused a great amount of emotional and or physical pain. Other factors such as environment can lead to a person becoming addicted, and a change of environment will be needed as part of treatment.

60 to 120-Day Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment within the State of Iowa

Drug and Alcohol facilities that provide inpatient treatment for 60 through to 120-days in the state of Iowa are located at over 15 different areas within the state. An inpatient drug rehab will be capable of treating, men, women, adolescents, and elderly adults. Most facilities throughout the state that offer this type of services are equipped to treat all types of addiction.

Here is a list of the different long-term inpatient programs in Iowa. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.

List of Long Term Residential Drug & Alcohol Treatment in Iowa


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