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Kansas Benzodiazepine (Diazepam) Detox & Rehabs

All the chemical actions that take place while consuming benzodiazepines creates a high that is very difficult for a user to give up. The progression from using the drug, to abusing it, and eventually being addicted to it can happen very quickly. A physical tolerance for benzodiazepines can happen within months, and over 40% of people who are prescribed these drugs become dependent on them.

The longer someone is taking these drugs, the more often they will have to consume them, and it will become extremely difficult to get off the drugs. Drug rehabilitation for a benzodiazepine addiction will not be easy, and the withdrawal period will be hard. Medical detox is always recommended, and this is because of the withdrawal pains. Following a medical detox, an addict should attend either an inpatient or outpatient drug treatment program. Throughout the state of Kansas are some different options, some of which will help a benzo addict through detox and rehab.


Meet a Detox Expert


Dr. Rohit is a Diplomate of the American Society of Addiction Medicine who has been supervising successful detox for over 13 years. He also has helped hundreds of people getting off drugs and alcohol addiction.

Kansas Addiction Services by Type of Drug

Kansas Addiction Services by Type of Drug

The list below will help you on how to find the different Detox & Rehabs for Benzodiazepine Addiction in Kansas. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.

List of Benzodiazepine Treatment & Detox Centers for Kansas