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Residential Long Term Drug & Alcohol Rehab Programs In Kentucky

There are lots of great things about living in Kentucky; one of the things is the amount of residential drug treatment programs that the state has to offer the local drug addicts. Not only can the addicts choose between a long-term and short term program. They can also choose a holistic or twelve-step program.

Very few addicts really understand how the holistic approach to drug rehab works, and the experts question it, but many addicts have been very happy with the results. The holistic approach to drug rehab is less rigid than twelve-step programs, and it focuses more on total body and mind wellness. Nearly all of the holistic programs are long term. Many of them use things like yoga, meditation, and acupuncture as well as diet to help the addicts move past their addiction. Some addicts have been able to overcome their addiction after attending a holistic program; others found that they did better when they were in a more traditional program.

Did you know this about long-term drug rehab in the US?

Long term treatment centers have a higher success rate over outpatient and short term drug and alcohol rehabilitation. These programs work well for long term users and addicts whom may have been through other forms of substance abuse treatment.

The traditional residential therapy programs are much closer to a twelve-step plan. These programs rely on spirituality and counseling to help the addict to move past their addiction and become productive members of Kentucky's community. The traditional programs are usually run by state certified social workers.

One of the things that the drug addict needs to consider when they are entering one of Kentucky's residential programs is that they will not be able to leave. This means that they are going to have to make arrangements to have their plants, pets, and children cared for until the program has been completed. Knowing that everything is taken care of will give the addict peace of mind. The more relaxed the addict is, the more they will get out of the drug therapy program and counseling.

90-Day Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in Kentucky

All throughout the state of Kentucky there are just over 25 different drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers that offer 90-day treatment programs for drug addiction. Many addicts who have been through a short term program and have relapsed have typically turned to a 90-day program as the next option. The biggest reason for this is the increased length of time in treatment to address all the issues and get a better handle at the reasons why.

Inpatient Drug Treatment Methods

Each inpatient drug and alcohol rehab program providing 60 to 120-day services will offer different methods to help treat their clients. This can include twelve-step programs, group and individual therapy, holistic rehabilitation, and treatment for co-occurring substance abuse and mental disorders. An addiction assessment can help an addict, and their family find the right method, which will be best for them.

How Much Does Drug Rehabilitation Cost?

The cost of inpatient drug and alcohol treatment will be different for each center. Many of the programs being provided in the state of Kentucky will accept some form of health insurance, which will offset certain costs with treatment. Other programs provided will be private centers who are self-payment, where as a state financed program will be low-cost or provide free rehabilitation.

Can Alcohol and Drug Addiction be Treated?

The answer is most definitely yes; both types of addiction, along with many other substance abuse problems, can be treated. Inpatient drug and alcohol treatment in the state of Kentucky will have the resources to help treat all types of addiction. It will not always be a simple task, but if an addict has some willingness to change, it can be done.

60 to 120-Day Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment within the State of Kentucky

With many resources offered in the state of Kentucky, there are over 30 different drug and alcohol rehab centers providing inpatient services. These programs provide long-term treatment that can last 60 to 120-days or more. Residential drug rehab will provide an excellent setting for patients, and staff will work with them to help a client handle their addiction.

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Here is a list of the different long-term inpatient programs in Kentucky. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.

List of Long Term Residential Drug & Alcohol Treatment in Kentucky