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Created On Thursday, 16, March 2017
Modified On Thursday, 01, October 2020

Ketamine Detox & Treatment Programs in the United States

Ketamine is an extremely potent dissociative anesthetic, and are very commonly used in veterinary medicine, but has become popular as a recreational drug. The use of Ketamine can cause addiction and the combination with this drug with alcohol and other drugs are dangerous. People who abuse this drug do report they struggle with dependency, withdrawals, a tolerance to the drug, and cravings. The heavy use of this drug is common and dangerous and will lead to addiction-like symptoms. The common signs of a Ketamine addiction will include the withdrawal effects, as ketamine does alter the brain's chemistry, leading to tolerance and addiction, which will cause withdrawal effects. Anyone with an addiction to Ketamine should find help at a drug rehab center. This will include a detox program followed by an outpatient or inpatient drug treatment.

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The withdrawal symptoms will include increased heart rate, tremors, increased body temperature, muscle aches and pains, and changes in appetite. A psychological dependency and decline in daily responsibilities are also very common. The use of Ketamine will create physical and psychological dependencies, and over time, the psychological dependency will become so great, that everyday use will be required. With a daily drug habit, the family will notice a steady decline in responsibility and being able to function within routine life. The user will experience diminished learning and memory skills, lack of impulse control, lack of motor coordination, and communication difficulties.

The increased tolerance with Ketamine will change, and this will lead to drastic changes in lifestyle such as an inability to hol