Drug Rehab for Law Enforcement and First Responders in Hawaii

Drug rehab for law enforcement and first responders is available in Hawaii. While most organizations that employ frontline workers have programs to help individuals with substance use disorder, some may want to explore other options. To help with this, Drug Rehab Services has created a listing of services that offer programs for law enforcement and first responders.



List of Rehabs for Law Enforcement and First Responder in Hawaii and Surrounding States

Unfortunately, there are not any drug rehab center for law enforcement and first responders located in Hawaii. To help you find the treatment you need, we have included additional services for law enforcement and first responders in the surrounding states. While this may be inconvenient, being away from home can be therapeutic. Not being close to where someone is using drugs and alcohol can help focus on their recovery. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact a treatment specialist at 1-800-304-2219.

Address of the center

City of Pheonix, Arizona



Address of the center

Joint Commission Accredited | Member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers | LegitScript Certified

Rehab Settings

- Medical Detox
- Long-Term Inpatient Rehab
- Interventionist
- Detox Center
- Residential Treatment
- Short-Term Inpatient Rehab
- Drug and Alcohol Assessment

Services Offered

- Drug Prevention and Education
- Relapse Prevention
- Holistic Rehab
- Faith-Based Rehab
- Aftercare
- Substance Abuse Counseling
- Substance Abuse Counseling for Individuals
- Twelve Step Rehab

People Served

- Rehab for Men
- Rehab for the LGBTQ Community
- Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders
- Seniors/older adults
- Rehab for Native Americans
- Rehab for Women
- Medical & Legal Professionals Programs
- Law Enforcement & First Responder Treatment
- Rehab for the Hispanic Community

Payment Options

- Health Net
- Humana
- Payment Assistance
- Beacon Health Options
- Aetna
- Managed Health Network (MHN)
- Blue Cross/Blue Shield
- Cigna
- Sliding Fee Scale Option
- Low Cost
- UnitedHealthcare

423 Oak Street, Roseville, CA

Endorsed by the California Sheriff's Association

Rehab Settings

- Short-Term Inpatient Rehab
- Substance Abuse Treatment
- Residential Treatment

Services Offered

- Drug Prevention and Education
- Holistic Rehab

People Served

- Law Enforcement & First Responder Treatment

4460-16 Redwood Hwy, Suite 362, San Rafael, CA

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Services for Professionals in Hawaii

Drug and alcohol abuse happens for any number of reasons. Some members of the military or veterans will turn to drugs or alcohol. Some of the reasons include coping with physical injury or psychological trauma because of active duty. It is important to reach out to Veterans Affairs in Hawaii, and a drug rehab center. Some of the drug and alcohol treatment programs in the state of Hawaii provide specific forms of counseling for members of the military. The same types of programs can help first responders and members of law enforcement who become addicted to drugs or alcohol. Often the problem starts with binge drinking or self-medication. Binge drinking is a common issue among law enforcement to be part of the team or deal with stress. Drug rehabilitation programs can help professionals, such as those working in the medical or legal profession. Substance abuse, whether it is with prescription drugs or alcohol requires the proper treatment, such as inpatient drug rehab centers in Hawaii.

What's Next?

After completing a drug rehab program in Hawaii designed for law enforcement or first responders, it is critical to arrange similar aftercare support. Addiction recovery options such as meetings, outpatient therapy, or sober coaching tailor services or offer peer support for first responders. The recovery journey is not easy, but lifelong sobriety is achievable with the correct aftercare support resources in Hawaii.
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