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DOT Compliance Testing by State

DOT Compliance Testing by State

List of DOT Compliance Drug Testing Companies in the United States

DOT Compliance refers to the Department of Transportation and meeting successful requirements; that is enforced through this federal agency, governing the operations of commercial motor or vehicles. The Department of Transportation is a federal agency, which is responsible for protecting the traveling public and keeping the country’s transportation system safe. DOT Compliance means that an employer of a safety-sensitive employer is maintaining the required employee drug and alcohol testing programs. The DOT rules and regulations are meant to be followed by all trucking companies/truckers and other drivers on US roads. Each state in the country will have its own variations of these regulations, but many of the rules are enforced on a federal level. The Department of Transportation will have a physical examination that must be conducted by a licensed medical examiner, which can be found through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Employers will have DOT drug and alcohol testing programs to ensure compliance with the Department of Transportation.

Throughout the United States will be numerous drug and alcohol testing companies, who provide resources and services to employers who are DOT compliant. Each employer will work with a local drug testing company that will manage their testing, whether it is done on-site or sent to the lab. There are strict rules and regulations that govern the transportation industry within the United States. Any company that operates vehicles that require a commercial driver's license will have to take training on the symptoms of alcohol abuse and controlled substances. DOT supervisor training will also be required for drivers and companies that operate on public roads. Employers must make sure that the required content is made available, which does include testing for drug and alcohol use. These types of preventative measures help save lives, by preventing incidents from occurring.

The current regulations regarding DOT drug and alcohol testing do require employers and employees who work in safety-sensitive transportation or related positions to follow drug and alcohol testing regulations. Some of the industries that are affected by DOT testing regulations include maritime transportation, aviation, trucking, commercial buses, railroads, and forms of public transit. If an employee does test positive or refuses a drug test, this employee will no longer be able to perform safety-sensitive duties for any DOT employer. Drug testing companies in the state will perform these tests and provide the results back to the employer. If an employee does test positive; before they can return to safety-sensitive duties, the employee must work with substance abuse professionals, and complete DOTs required a return-to-duty process. This process does result in a second drug or alcohol test, which is done through the drug-testing company and must result in a negative. Drug testing companies for DOT compliance play a major role in helping employers maintain their health and safety standards.


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