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DOT Substance Abuse Professionals by State

DOT Substance Abuse Professionals by State

List of DOT Substance Abuse Professionals in the United States

The Substance Abuse Professional or SAP within a Department of Transportation program will be a person who evaluates employees, who may have violated a DOT drug and alcohol regulation. After the evaluation, the substance abuse professional will make a recommendation concerning education, treatment, follow-up testing, and aftercare. Substance abuse professionals for the DOT program are important because they are a major decision point regarding whether an employer places the employee back behind the wheel again with a plane, boat, train, truck, or bus. The substance abuse professionals for the Department of Transportation will not advocate for the employer or the employee, and their only function is to protect the public interest. This will be done through professionally evaluating the employees and recommending appropriate education and or treatment, follow-up tests, and aftercare if needed.

Substance abuse professionals for DOT programs follow specific regulations such as a return to duty process, confidentiality, and release of information, roles, and responsibilities, and maintaining the public interest. People who are qualified to act as a substance abuse professional within the DOT drug and alcohol testing programs must meet certain requirements. This will include they are a licensed physician, a licensed social worker, a licensed or certified psychologist, a certified employee assistance professional, a state licensed or certified marriage and family therapist, and or a drug and alcohol counselor. Some basic knowledge must be met, such as knowledge about the clinical experience in diagnosis and treatment of alcohol and controlled substances-related disorders. Substance abuse professionals must also be knowledgeable about their function as it relates to employer interests in safety-sensitive duties. All the requirements are outlined by the Department of Transportation and must be met for someone to be a Substance Abuse Professional for DOT drug and alcohol testing programs.

Substance abuse professionals provide face-to-face assessments and clinical evaluations to determine the level of help an employee will need if they test positive for drugs and alcohol. Once the assessment is done, the SAP will have recommended a course of treatment and education that must be completed, followed by aftercare and a follow-up assessment before the employee can return to safety-sensitive duties. Some of the treatment recommendations can include residential treatment, partial residential or outpatient treatment, education programs, and aftercare support. Some of the Education recommendations can include drug and alcohol education courses; self-help programs, group support, and community lectures. There are DOT substance abuse professional listings, which can be found through the Association for Addiction Professionals, for example; which can be one place to look. The directory provided through this organization will be a list of people who have successfully obtained the U.S. Department of Transportation Substance Abuse Professional Qualification through the Association for Addictions Professionals DOT alcohol and drug testing regulation qualification independent study course. Other Substance Abuse Professional referral sources do operate throughout the United States, and each will have ensured that the proper requirements are met for Substance Abuse Professionals needed for the DOT drug and alcohol testing program.


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