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Drug Free Workplace Training by State

Drug Free Workplace Training by State

List of Drug Free Workplace Training Services in the United States

Within the United States, workplace substance abuse has been on the rise because of illicit drug use. When over ten million workplace urine test results were analyzed, there was a noticeable increase in the use of cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamine. For example, in 2016 roughly over 4% of all the urine tests taken came back positive per the testing company Quest Diagnostics, which was an increase from 2015. The use of cocaine has continually climbed, and the Drug-Testing Index has revealed the on-going threat to workplace safety posed by substance abuse. For example, the positivity rate for cocaine in post-accident urine drug tests was more than twice that of pre-employment drug tests and was also higher than what was gathered from random drug tests. Marijuana use is also on the rise, and the positive rates of drug tests have increased by 75% from 2016. What can be done to ensure a safe workplace, free from drugs and alcohol, and workplace accidents? The answer does involve workplace training and services provided for employees. Any company in the United States who has a drug-free workplace initiative will provide drug-free workplace training for its employees.

It is important to understand that drug and alcohol abuse is a significant factor in accidents, illness, and absenteeism. Drug and alcohol abuse will not only affect work performance but will result in higher rates of absenteeism, accidents, illness, and even death. Workplace training and health and safety are essential in preventing workplace drug and alcohol abuse. Workplace training will help prevent absenteeism, by helping employees understand the dangers of workplace drug use. Absenteeism is two to three times higher for drug and alcohol users than other employees. One-quarter of workplace accidents that happen are because of intoxicated people being the victim of the accident or causing the accident. On-the-job training for workplace safety can prevent these accidents from happening, and drug-free workplace training programs will ensure all employees can know what to look for. It will not always be easy to spot someone who may be under the influence, or who may be struggling with an addiction or mental-health problem. It is also not easy to know how to offer help and approach someone who is struggling with an addiction or may be under the influence. Having this knowledge is important to prevent injury or death from occurring.

There are many different components that should be included in drug-free workplace training, such as a workplace substance-abuse policy. Knowing this policy is important, as it will set out the rules and regulations, along with the preventative measures to keep workers safe. There should also be supervisor training in procedures for administering substance abuse policies in the workplace. Supervisors should be knowledgeable and properly trained in how to administer and implement policies surrounding a drug-free workplace. Drug-free workplace training can also include employee education about substance abuse in the workplace. Drug education seminars and information can be gotten from many different organizations all throughout the United States. All employees should also be trained on how they can assist with creating a drug-free workplace, and what actions they can take to contribute to the solution. Finally, most drug-free workplace training services will include reasonable drug testing, which can be done on-site or at a lab. There will often be training for how to administer these tests, what to look for, and what to do next. Supervisors should be well trained in the laws and employee rights to privacy, which should all be outlined in the drug-free workplace policy.

Preventative workplace training services are also important and crucial in achieving overall safety training and compliance goals. There are environmental and safety training consultants, along with organizations who help companies implement workplace training services. Preventing these accidents from occurring should be a priority, also preventing workplace drug abuse. All the resources and information needed are available to employers, and employees should always know what is available to them. An employee should look for a good workplace training program, especially one that does implement a good drug-free workplace training policy.


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