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Drug Addiction Treatment Programs For Drug Abuse in Los Angeles, California

This city is abundant in the treatment facilities as there are well over 180 various drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs and different organizations for addicts. Los Angeles, CA caters to a wide variety of groups including; pregnant and postpartum women, gays and lesbians, persons with co-occurring mental and personal life struggles and difficulties, and persons with HIV/AIDS. These centres consist of meeting groups, rehabilitation centres, residential services and halfway houses. Some of these programs are offered privately, while others can be found as government-funded programs.

Did you know this about Los Angeles?

Services available in Los Angeles

  • Detox Services
  • Inpatient Services
  • Outpatient Services
  • Twelve-Step Program

Within the city of Los Angeles, there is a very dense and large population of people, and many of these individuals battle some form of addiction, and are also caught up in an on going cycle of addiction and crime.So many addicts get into trouble with the law because of their addiction, but are given some kind of option to help treat their addiction.  In the city, there are well over 180 different drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs and different organizations and services available to addicts.  Many of these services can be found as private programs, which will come at an out-of-pocket  cost, while others can be found as government-funded  programs, which can also be covered by various forms of state health insurance.  These programs will offer both residential care and out-patient services, ranging in long-term to short-term treatment.

Where do the majority of the drugs come from?

The bulk of the drugs seized within Los Angeles is coming from Mexico, smuggled into California through different means. This includes such drugs as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana, and pharmaceutical drugs. Large amounts of marijuana and crystal meth are produced locally, and shipped to other parts of the state. Drug rehabilitation programs within the city do offer very specific treatment methods to help addicts and their families; regardless of the type of addiction, there is a treatment solution.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in Los Angeles, California

Well over 30 million people live throughout the state of California and close to 13 million reside in Los Angeles. The second-largest city in the United States, it has seen a declining crime rate throughout the 2000s but drug problems still plague the city, and many different drugs are smuggled into the area from Mexico. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration web site do list there are 173 drug rehabilitation programs operating within a 15-mile radius.

The list below will help you on how to find a drug rehab in Los Angeles, California. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.