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Louisiana Drug And Alcohol Abuse Holistic Programs

If you are living in Louisiana with someone who is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction you know that their condition is not simply mental or psychological. Holistic addiction treatment centers in Louisiana address first the damage subjected to the body with a good toxic cleansing treatments, by use of nutritional supplement with natural healthy dietary foods and exercise. When the body is recovered, they can now address the mental aspects of addiction supported by an increased spiritual awareness for a better lifestyle of living. The Louisiana holistic addiction centers below are well established to achieve sobriety without substitute drugs.

Did you know this about holistic drug rehab centers?

Holistic is an all natural approach to drug treatment meaning other drugs and substances are not used with the treatment process.  There is a great deal of focus on the person’s physical health to ensure their mental health can be healed properly.

Louisiana Holistic Drug Rehab

Throughout the state of Louisiana are over 15 different drug rehab centers offering holistic rehabilitation for their clients. The holistic approach looks at treating the whole person, and this does include rehabilitation for the person's mind, body, and spirit. Approaches taken will incorporate nutrition and exercise programs, naturopathy, acupuncture, physiotherapy, massage therapy, and natural approaches. Conventional and traditional counseling and therapy will treat all co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders.

Is Holistic Treatment right for my Addiction?

In order to find this out, one of the best solutions will be to go through an addiction's assessment. The assessment process is done with a trained addiction's counselor, and will help an addict and their family find a holistic drug rehab center in the state of Louisiana. Holistic drug rehab options are provided in residential and outpatient programs, and this can be the right approach for most types of addictions.

Here is a list of the different holistic treatments in Louisiana. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.