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Created On Friday, 27, November 2009
Modified On Thursday, 01, October 2020

LSD Rehab Centers and Detox Programs in the United States

LSD Detox Centers In the United States

There are not normally physical withdrawal symptoms connected with stopping the use of LSD. However, the psychological effects can at times be very troubling and most LSD users will get help from a medical professional to stabilize mentally prior to any type of drug treatment or rehab. Due to the bizarre (sometimes terrorizing and frightening) effects of LSD, addiction is not of the same physical category or need as say opiates, or alcohol. There is a tolerance building mechanism in place though, that may encourage a user to use stronger and stronger doses to achieve the state of altered consciousness. In this regard, it is a dangerous and slippery slope, as the drug has been known to cause the user to go on a "trip" and never come back to normalcy ever again. A common diagnosis of a victim of a frightening and lingering trip is 'schizophrenia." The symptoms are similar. The more common result of LSD use, even non-habitual, is a "flashback" of the event, which occurs with unpredictable frequency and duration. Flashbacks can occur years later. In the unfortunate event of an LSD experience that leaves the person mentally unstable or psychotic, there are several detox procedures available and commonly used, with varying success.

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One of the detox methods involves restoring the depleted stores of vitamins and minerals and other nutrients, which has had quick and almost miraculous results, which do not need further medicating. A highly important vitamin in LSD detox is VITAMIN C. It often acts as a very effective mood stabilizer after LSD use.

Another form of drug detox program which has proven to be highly effective and health restoring is biophysical cleanse involving both nutrients and sauna. The toxins from LSD use have a high affinity for fat and do store in the body in the fat tissues. It is thought that is the reason for otherwise inexplicable "flashbacks" months or years later. A mixture of nutrients and elements can be ingested that convert the fat-soluble toxi