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Drug interventionists in Maine are professionals certified to perform drug addiction interventions and counsel families. Family intervention helps the family regain control to save the life of the addict. The purpose of a drug addiction intervention is to convince the addict they need to attend drug rehab in Maine. Drug addiction intervention also helps the addict understand how their drug addiction impacts their life and the lives of their family. Generally, treating drug addiction involves different steps. However, the first step is getting the addict convinced to attend drug rehab. The drug rehabilitation process begins with a drug detox to manage withdrawal symptoms and ease drug cravings. The most common drug detox program options in Maine are clinical drug detox and medical drug detox. After completing drug detox, the next phase of drug rehabilitation involves attending a residential or outpatient drug rehabilitation program in Maine. A professional interventionist does help the family escort the addict to treatment once the intervention is a success.

What is a Drug Addiction Intervention?

Drug addiction intervention in Maine is a carefully planned process that family or friends may do. However, the best way to plan and organize a drug addiction intervention is by hiring a professional interventionist. Drug addiction intervention brings these individuals together to confront the addict about their addiction. The purpose of the intervention is to demonstrate to the addict the consequences of their addiction and ask them to accept help. Drug intervention provides specific examples of destructive behaviors and their impact on the addict and their family. In addition, drug intervention offers prearranged treatment plans with clear steps, goals, and guidelines for the addict. The intervention process also spells out what each person will do if the addict does not accept help. A properly planned drug intervention is successful, but a poorly planned family intervention worsens the situation causing the addict to feel attacked.

How To Stage a Drug Abuse Intervention

The process of staging and organizing a drug intervention in Maine involves different steps. Typically, the best way to plan a drug addiction intervention is by hiring a professional interventionist. However, families can plan and execute an intervention without a third party. The first part of the process involves making a plan and consulting with a professional interventionist or becoming educated about intervention. It is important to gather information about the addict and understand the severity of their addiction. Forming the intervention teams comes next. Usually, the team consists of family, friends, and a third-party mediator. It is also important to have people at the intervention who do not provoke or antagonize the addict. The intervention team must also decide on specific consequences if the addict refuses to accept help. Every aspect of the drug addiction intervention is carefully planned. Finally, the intervention takes place, and once the addict agrees, they are escorted to the drug rehab center.

How To Find a Drug Interventionist in Maine

When searching for and hiring a professional interventionist in Maine, there are different options to consider. Initially, the family can find nationwide intervention services and groups that travel across the country performing drug addiction interventions. In addition, an addiction assessment is beneficial and involves an evaluation and recommend local intervention services in Maine. It is also common to find local intervention services through behavioral health services or a local addictions counselor. An internet search also helps narrow down options to national drug intervention groups and family intervention.

Here is a list of the different drug intervention services in Maine. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our treatment specialists at 1-800-304-2219.

List of Drug Interventionists in Maine


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