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Long Term Residential Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment In Maine

Although the severity of the drug problem in Maine is not nearly as severe as it is in other states, it does still exist. In Maine, the most common drug addiction is to cocaine, which is especially popular in the central and southern portions of the state. Other common drug addictions include marijuana and heroin.

The only way that a person in Maine stands even the slightest chance of overcoming their addiction and actually having a real future is to get themselves admitted into one of Maine's residential drug rehabilitation programs.  The state of Maine has some low cost residential programs as well as some more expensive privately funded rehabilitation center.

Did you know this about long-term drug rehab in the US?

Long term treatment centers have a higher success rate over outpatient and short term drug and alcohol rehabilitation. These programs work well for long term users and addicts whom may have been through other forms of substance abuse treatment.

The reason that the residential treatment programs are the most effective is because they take the addict and remove all the triggers from the person’s world. While they are involved in the program the addict is expected to devote all of their attention to getting over their addiction. Many of the programs restrict the amount of contact that the addict can have with their friends and family. While the addict is in the program they will go through some very intensive counseling. When the addict has completed the program they should have developed a better knowledge of why they should became addicted to drugs in the first place. They should also have life skills that will help them resist the triggers that would have caused them to turn to drugs

Addicts should not assume that the residential treatment is the only thing they are going to need to completely overcome their addiction to drugs. It is not unusual for a person to have to go through more than one residential program before they are able to stay away from drugs. Addicts are the most successful when they enroll in an outpatient program and support group when they have completed the residential program.

90-Day Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in Maine

90-day drug and alcohol treatment programs can typically have some high success rates due to the fact they are long-term treatment. normally the longer an addict will remain in treatment, the better chances, they will have to handle everything about their addiction. Within the state of Maine, there are just over 10 different drug and alcohol treatment centers that do offer a 90-day program to drug and or alcohol addicts.

Can Pregnant Women be Treated for Addiction?

Specialized inpatient drug and alcohol programs providing long-term care for 60 through to 120-days are set up to treat pregnant women. The staff on site are capable of monitoring pregnant women, and ensuring they and their baby will be safe during the rehabilitation process.

Costs Involved with Inpatient Drug Rehab

The cost of inpatient drug and alcohol treatment will be different for each center; some of the facilities in the state of Maine may be privately funded. Most of the inpatient drug rehab programs will accept health insurance such as Medicaid and Medicare. If an addict does not have health insurance, there are low-cost and or free programs available, which will be able to help them.

How Rapidly Can a Person Become Addicted?

It can happen fairly quickly, if a person has discovered a substance that makes them feel better, or does help them avoid things happening in their lives; it can be very easy to keep using it. In other circumstances, an addiction can happen over a period of time, as people may only end up binge Definition of the word using once a month, and that may grow into every couple weeks, to every weekend, and not a few times a week.

60 to 120-Day Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Maine

Within the state of Maine are over ten different drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs that do offer inpatient treatment lasting 60 to 120-days or more. Residential long-term programs will be able to treat all types of addiction, and can help all individuals struggling with a substance abuse problems. These facilities are excellent options, and addicts can find the right resources available.


Here is a list of the different long-term inpatient programs in Maine. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.

List of Long Term Residential Drug & Alcohol Treatment in Maine