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Created On Wednesday, 25, January 2012
Modified On Wednesday, 17, March 2021

Cocaine Treatment in Maryland

Attempting to stop using cocaine without professional care could lead to relapse. The reason for this is that cocaine withdrawal can be very hard on an individual, with symptoms like agitation, hostility, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Of the cocaine detox treatments in Maryland, many of them will be found at rehabilitation facilities as part of the actual rehabilitation program. An individual will have to choose between a detox and a medically supervised detox. One of the primary differences is that a cocaine medical detox will have medical professionals on staff to care for the patients during the detoxification process. This can be crucial. For example, if someone has suicidal thoughts, they will need specific care to ensure their safety. The length of time a person will spend detoxing before going into a treatment will vary depending on the severity of their addiction, their metabolism, etc. Keep in mind that when looking at the cocaine detox centers available in Maryland, one should also choose a comprehensive rehabilitation center. Detox by itself is not sufficient to ensure a long-term drug-free life.

Around 3% of all treatment admissions in Maryland are for cocaine addiction. No one should ignore cocaine abuse in someone else. This drug can cause both mental and physical effects in the short-term, such as increased body temperature, psychosis, violent behavior, etc. There are also long-term effects, including sinus inflammation, severe tooth decay, and permanent heart or brain damage. One of the more significant problems associated with cocaine abuse is overdosing. A person who has a cocaine abuse or addiction problem needs help. Luckily, there are plenty of cocaine rehabilitation centers in Maryland and all over the United States. The point of cocaine rehabilitation is to get the patient to be drug-free and be able to handle their lives productively without cocaine or other drugs. The most common way to handle cocaine addiction is through counseling and therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy. Counseling is used to get the person to change their attitudes and behaviors regarding cocaine (and other drugs depending on the situation).

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Different Types of Maryland Cocaine Rehabilitation

Many different kinds of cocaine treatments can be found in Maryland. Of course, first, there are types of treatment based on duration (long-term/short-term) and based on the rehab setting (inpatient/outpatient). There are also other questions one should ask to make sure the best treatment is selected, such as if one should attend a holistic drug treatment, a gender-specific treatment, a 12-step treatment, etc. Identifying the best type of treatment is very important when choosing a cocaine rehab in Maryland, and one of our referral specialists can help you make that decision.

Maryland Cocaine Laws

This section highlights the different laws in Maryland concerning cocaine. Laws do change over time, and if someone is facing cocaine charges, they should speak to a legal professional. It should also be noted that attending a cocaine rehab in Maryland can help a person get a reduced sentence in some cases. Furthermore, attending a Maryland cocaine treatment can help ensure the person never faces problems related to cocaine, legal or otherwise.

Possessing cocaine is a misdemeanor in Maryland. The penalties are up to 4 years of incarceration and/or fines of up to $25,000. However, for subsequent offenses, the penalties are doubled.

Selling cocaine is a felony in the state punishable by up to 20 years of incarceration and/or a fine of up to $25,000. For a second offense, the sentence will be of at least 10 years. A third offense carries a sentence of at least 40 years. However, if the sale is of more than 448 grams of cocaine (even in the case of a first offense), the incarceration sentence is at least 40 years.

It is essential to seek help at a cocaine rehabilitation center in Maryland before getting into legal trouble.

Maryland Cocaine Abuse and Addiction Statistics

Here are some 2019 statistics on cocaine use in Maryland.

  • An estimated 104,590 individuals in Maryland used cocaine in the past year.
  • 18 to 25 is the age group with the highest rate of cocaine consumption. In Maryland, 4.41% of that age group reported using cocaine, representing 26,664 young adults.
  • Of the Maryland adult population (26 or older), 61,595 used cocaine in the past year.

These statistics show just how vital cocaine rehabilitation centers are in Maryland.