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Long-term Residential Drug Rehabilitation Program In Massachusetts

When a 2004 study was conducted on the amount of substance abuse, there was in the state of Massachusetts, people were stunned by the results. Nearly half of the 54, 605 people who sought help for their addiction were dealing with an addiction to heroin. The rests were addicted to alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine.

The sheer number of people who are looking for help dealing with their drug addiction is a clear indicator that Massachusetts needs really to pay attention to the number of residential drug treatment facilities, there are in the state. The more residential facilities that are available, the more likely everyone who wants help will get it. As of right now, the state has both long-term and short-term programs where addicts can go to start getting the help they need. Massachusetts has programs that are designed for adult addicts and also programs for teens who are struggling to deal with drugs.

Long Term Drug Rehab Services in Massachusetts

Long-term drug and alcohol treatment programs in Massachusetts can help treat any type of drug addiction. Long-term drug rehab will give you tools for the real world; this will be a process of developing skills and tools to support your sober lifestyle. Long-term drug rehab does help you address the underlying issues and the reasons why you started to abuse drugs and alcohol. More importantly, you gain the knowledge and understand about how you can maintain your sobriety, and continue to improve your life. Self-focus is an important part of treatment, and any long-term program can allow you to place the focus on yourself, rather than be distracted by the problems of everyday life with your addiction. You are given the opportunity to invest in personal growth, and put all your energy into activities that will promote healthy living. There are countless benefits from attending a long-term drug rehab center, and the length of time does permit you to work on all the things you want, while ensuring that every aspect of your addiction is treated properly. Long-term drug rehab services in Massachusetts can help with any severity of addiction, and they are often the best type of program for addicts who have been abusing drugs for lengthy periods of time.

Having constant support during your rehabilitation process is also important, and long-term drug treatment programs can offer this support 24/7. You are constantly surrounded by the staff and professionals working at these facilities, and clients can access assistance at any time of the day. Having this constant support is important during the beginning stages of your treatment, because you will be less likely to create reasons why you should not be in treatment. Long-term drug rehab programs can often handle any type of drug or alcohol problem, and are best suited for addicts who have been through treatment more than once, or have been abusing drugs much of their adult life. Throughout the state of Massachusetts are a few commonly abused drugs, and this does include cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and prescription drugs. The single largest age group suffering from heroin addiction in the state, are those adults between the ages of 26 and 30. The prescription-drug use problems within the state do mirror what is happening throughout much of the country. Long-term drug rehab centers in Massachusetts treat clients with a single drug problem or an issue with multiple drugs.

A drug addict should not plan on being able to kick their habit without spending time in one of Massachusetts residential programs. The most important thing that the residential program does is remove all outside factors from the addict’s life. While they are in the Inpatient program the only thing, the person has to do is focus on getting better. It is not at all unusual for a residential program to forbid the addict from having any contact with the outside world.

Addicts should not get too discouraged if they go through one of Massachusetts programs, only to fall off the wagon and start using. It would be wonderful if everyone who tried to kick their drug habit could do so on the first try, but it is rare for that to happen. Most addicts find that it takes a couple of tries before they are finally able to lead a clean life. The trick is to keep trying.

90-Day Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in Massachusetts

Currently in the state of Massachusetts, there are just over 55 different drug and alcohol treatment centers that will offer 90-day programs to drug and alcohol addicts. These programs are located all throughout the state and can be found as both private and government-funded centers. Government-funded programs can come at low-cost or no cost, and or can be covered by insurance. Most if not, all private programs will come at an out-of-pocket cost to the family or addict.

How Can Family Members get Information about Inpatient Drug Rehab?

This can be done through many different ways, but there are inpatient drug rehab centers in the state that will be capable of offering an addiction assessment. An assessment is a sit-down meeting with a counselor who can interview the addict and determine the best treatment options available to them. The patient will also gain access to all the available resources in their area.

60 to 120-Day Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Massachusetts

Throughout the state of Massachusetts are over 50 different drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers and facilities providing inpatient services for 60 to 120-days or longer. Inpatient programs will sometimes have detox centers on site, which will help a client become physically clean and sober prior to them entering into treatment. This is an important first step, as it will make the treatment process easier.

Does the Court System Sentence People to Inpatient Treatment?

Drug courts throughout the state can sentence an offender to drug treatment. This can be determined if the crime committed was caused by drugs and an addiction is present, and the judge deems it necessary to offer rehabilitation instead of jail. This can be a second opportunity for an addict, as the circle of crime and addiction can continue to go around.

Specialized Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Massachusetts

Addicts seeking out more specific forms of treatment will find options in the state of Massachusetts. This can include facilities provide treatment for co-occurring substance abuse and mental disorders, faith-based treatment, rehabilitation for pregnant women and persons with HIV/AIDS, and particular programs for certain age groups and genders.

Here is a list of the different long-term inpatient programs in Massachusetts. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.

List of Long Term Residential Drug & Alcohol Treatment in Massachusetts


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