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Created On Tuesday, 12, January 2016
Modified On Monday, 12, October 2020

Drug and Alcohol Detox & Rehab Centers Covered by Medicaid in the United States

Medicaid is utilized all throughout the United States and helps provide basic health coverage to those in need. It is a program that has been changed over the years, and each state modifies and changes its enrollment requirements, but people who fall into the different categories can receive Medicaid coverage. Having basic health coverage does certainly help increase the well-being of an individual, and for many Americans, Medicaid does help and provides the basic services needed. Medicaid is still the largest payer for mental health and addiction treatment services in the United States. The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act makes it easier for Americans to get the care they need for drug addiction, per the Medicaid website. This piece of legislation requires coverage to be no more restrictive than coverage for medical or surgical conditions. For example, this requirement applies to co-pays, out of pocket maximums, and coinsurance. It also applies to limitations on services or limits on the number of inpatient days or outpatient visits. The use of care management tools and criteria for medical necessity determinations also applies to this requirement.

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Drug Use Statistics

Substance abuse does impact many Americans who are enrolled in the Medicaid program. Per the Medicaid