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Drugs and Alcohol Treatment Centers in Puerto Rico for Men

Within Puerto Rico, there are just over 5 different drug and alcohol rehab programs and facilities that are specifically for men; this means that they do not offer co-ed drug rehab where both men and women attend in the same location. Men-only drug and alcohol treatment is no different than any other form of a substance abuse treatment center in what they offer and the methods they use to treat addiction. Some of these drug rehab facilities will take offenders right out of prison to help handle their addiction problems, and will put them up in a halfway house to help them make a gradual transition hack into society. These drug and alcohol treatment centers offer residential and outpatient options for men, and are located all throughout Puerto Rico. Other drug treatment services include programs for DUI offenders, and addicts facing criminal charges who have been court ordered to drug rehab. Medical detox and detox programs are offered at most of these drug rehab centers, and do help addicts go through the difficult withdrawals that may occur from the drugs, they are consuming. Men-only drug treatment is available all throughout Puerto Rico, and through an addiction assessment an addict can find the right kind of help, and treatment needed to handle their addiction and substance abuse problems.

Did you know this about treatment centers for men?

Residential addiction programs for men are available as privately funded services and also state or government-funded services. Private residential treatment can cost anywhere from $5000 to $30000 depending on the program and length of stay.


Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers are offered all throughout Puerto Rico, and many of these drug treatment facilities are specifically available for men struggling with addiction. Drug problems exist all throughout Puerto Rico, and the crime associated with these issues can cause addicts to never break free from addiction. Drug rehabilitation will help address all the issues, and ensure an addict can achieve their sobriety.


Medical detox and traditional detox centers are often provided through drug rehabilitation programs for men. The detox process is an important first step for an addict, and it will help them become physically ready for a drug treatment facility. Detox is designed to help a patient through the withdrawals, whether they are moderate or severe, most types of withdrawals can be treated.

Below is a listing of men only drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers that can be residential and/or outpatient in Puerto Rico. This list can be incomplete so if you do not find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.