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Michael Leach, CCMA


mikeMichael Leach is a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant, who has over 4 years of experience working in the field of addiction.  His experience includes working with families during their loved one’s stay in treatment, helping those with substance abuse issues find treatment, and teaching life skills to patients in a recovery atmosphere.  Though he has worked in many different areas of rehabilitation, the majority of his time was spent working one on one with patients who were actively withdrawing from drugs.

Withdrawal and the fear of going through it is one biggest reason why an addict continues to use and can be the most difficult part of the rehabilitation process.  His experience in the withdrawal atmosphere has taught him that regardless of what approach a person takes to get off drugs, there are always mental and emotional obstacles that need to be overcome. He believes having someone there to help a person through these obstacles can make all the difference during the withdrawal process.  Michael’s ability to help stems from his own struggle with addiction.  As a former addict, he understood what his patients were going through and was able to relate with them through their difficult time.

His personal and professional experience in dealing with addiction allows him to relate to both medical professionals and those struggling with drug and alcohol dependency.

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