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Michigan Methadone Detoxification Programs

How to do an intervention for someone addicted to Methadone

For methadone intervention, you need to consult a specialist who will help you in the intervention. You need to plan when and where to hold the intervention. Plan what to say during the intervention and then execute it. Keep a follow-up after the intervention to know how effective it was.

Medical detox facilities throughout the state of Michigan can offer very specific treatment for the detox off of methadone. Addicts who are using methadone; at some point he will want to come off of the drug, but they will require medical help from trained professionals. Methadone detox can be a very dangerous process if not done properly, and this is why methadone detox centers throughout the state of Michigan can offer the services and treatment needed in a patient to get over the withdrawals and become drug free. Once a patient has completed a methadone detox program it is important that they have a drug and alcohol rehab program lined up where they can receive physical and mental treatment for their addiction and substance abuse problems.

Methadone detox is only a first step in the drug treatment process, but it is needed for those wanting to get off of the drug. A methadone user should not attempt to stop the drug abruptly, and should seek out a wean down program from their prescribing doctor. Once a user has been weaned down to a certain amount they can look at attending a methadone detox facility, as some detox centers may not be equipped to handle such large amounts of the drug.