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Michigan Drug And Alcohol Short Term Programs

The state of Michigan has a very dense and diverse population of people living within it, and like many other states the battles with drug addictions problems are just the same. Fortunately, in the state there are over fifty different centers that will offer short term residential treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. These Facilities are located all over the state and offer all your standard services to help with an addiction, with quite a few of them located in the city of Detroit. Finding the right help is possible and a person can beat their addiction.

Did you know this about short term drug treatment programs?

Short term drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs are usually associated with 28 day programs. This is not always the case, some short term programs will only last a couple weeks, but do have aftercare programs set up to help maintain sobriety.


Throughout the state of Michigan, there are numerous 28-day drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers for individuals battling any form addiction.  Some of these centers will require you to be some what sober before entering, but if you are taking high dosages of heavy opiates such as OxyContin or methadone, it is best to go through a medical detox first.  A typical 28-day treatment center will house an addict for a 28-day period and provide them with all the therapy required to help them over come their addiction.  These 28 day centers can be found as both private and government funded or covered by insurance so as help is available to anyone who needs it.

Drug Rehabilitation Centers offering Short-Term care within Michigan

Many addicts within the state of Michigan struggle to find the right kind of help for their addiction, dependence, or substance abuse problems. Fortunately, on the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website there is a listing of over 60 different short-term rehabilitation centers and all of their contact information.

Will a Detox Center be enough to help Treat Addiction?

A drug and alcohol detox facility is not the final solution to help treat all types of addiction, and addicts should seek out short-term rehabilitation after a detox program. Detox will help stabilize a patient through their withdrawals, whether they are severe or moderate withdrawals, it will help prepare them for drug treatment.

Here is a list of the different Short Term programs in Michigan. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.