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Low-cost Or Free Rehab Centers For Drug And Alcohol Abuse In Mississippi

In the state of Mississippi addicts and their families can locate some substance abuse treatment options that are affordable and or free of charge. Many of these centers are volunteer organizations and rely on donations and volunteers to stay active, but they are doing excellent work within the community to help people battling a substance abuse problem. These organizations and centers will offer different treatment options from center to center, but will be able to provide some kind of help.

Did you know this about free or low budget rehabilitation centers?

Some programs are set up with the help of dedicated volunteers and organizations. They provide funding to keep them open and at a low cost or no cost. Some are also funded by the state, so low income homes can get help for their loved ones.

What would be considered a free or low-budget treatment program will be unique to each state. Within Mississippi, there will be some programs which provide free and low-budget services to people with little to no money or with no health insurance. Free and low budget programs could also consist of services that only accept Medicaid or Medicare insurance. It is also not uncommon for these types of programs to be entirely funded by outside donation or external sources. All this is to lessen the cost involved with rehabilitation, for those who cannot afford it. For example, within Mississippi, there will be a homeless population, some of who will be addicted to drugs. Help can often be found at local homeless shelters, or organizations that are volunteer run, where experts volunteer his or her time. Drug and alcohol addiction can be a devastating problem, and if you do not get the right help, your addiction will quickly spiral out of control.

Here is a list of free or low-budget rehabilitation programs in Mississippi. The list can be incomplete so if you cannot find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.