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Created On Monday, 28, July 2014
Modified On Wednesday, 17, March 2021

Mississippi Short-Term Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Detox & Rehab Centers

Like many southern states, drugs run rampant and impact people's lives on a daily basis causing changes for the worse. Throughout the state, there are over twenty short term residential drug and alcohol treatment centers located in many different cities. All of these centers offer different types of services all being able to help a person beat their addiction.

When a person can push forward for the better, they will only see positive changes in his or her life and can once and for all put their addiction behind them.

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Short Term Drug Treatment in Mississippi

Short-term drug treatment is an effective treatment approach to help addicts who are struggling with different types of addiction. The short-term rehab centers in Mississippi can help an addict through their addiction and ensure they can continue to work on their sobriety. Throughout the state will be private short-term programs and those that are state-funded. Short-term drug treatment will help you focus on your recovery because these types of programs are compacted within a short time, and the proper therapy must be done to help an addict. During the treatment process, you will obviously not be in the same environment you were once in, while you were abusing drugs. You will not have to deal with the stressors of day to day life, and all your effort and energy can be placed on getting help. Short-term drug treatment programs in Mississippi can help addicts work through the underlying issues connected to their addiction. This will be the reason why they started to abuse drugs and alcohol. Short-term treatment options can also provide addicts with various counseling methods to help them. It is important to select the right type of counseling because this is what will help you handle the underlying problems connected to the addiction.

Throughout much of Mississippi, drug and alcohol abuse does impact the many families and individuals living there. Some of the counties within the state do tend to see worse problems than others. Jackson County, for example, has a population of close to 141,000 people. Between 2012 and 2016, there were 189 drug-related deaths, which is an annual average of 27.3 deaths per 100,000 persons per NIDA report. During this time, this was over twice as much as the state average. Also, during this time frame, the poverty rate was around 15%, and unfortunately, poverty can contribute to reasons why someone would choose to abuse drugs or alcohol. One of the best ways to help prevent addiction is through early intervention. If family and friends can intervene early, they can prevent many of the problems from happening. Once the drugs take hold physically and emotionally, it is much more difficult to get the addict to want help. At this point, an addict is afraid of living a life without drugs or may be abusing drugs that cause dangerous withdrawals. Regardless of how severe the addiction is, a short-term drug rehab center can help an addict regain control of his or her life.


A 28-day drug and alcohol treatment center will house an addict and treat them for a period typically no longer than 28 days unless requested by the addict. These 28-day programs are some of the more recognized across the United States and provide services for all kinds of addiction problems. During a stay at a 28-day program, an addict will attend counseling, partake in group activities, and possibly even start working on their own personal health. Many of these centers have excellent success rates and provide all the basic needs required to help an addict through his or her addiction problems.

Short-Term Drug Treatment Centers within Mississippi

Drug rehabilitation may not always be successful for an addict the first time they go through the program, but if an addict is very willing to receive help, they can be successful.

Is there a Difference between Individual and Group Counseling within Short-Term Programs?

Individual programs and counseling focus on the individual with one on one treatment, where group counseling works as a group to support one another and help each person through their problems. Short-term programs will offer both forms of treatment and support for their clien