Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Mohave County, Arizona

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Located in the northwest corner of Arizona, Mohave County is home to over 200,000 people as of the 2010 United Stated census. This makes it one of the ten largest counties in Arizona, and that means the area has seen issues with substance abuse as America’s drug epidemic has swept the nation. From 2015-2017 there were 170 deaths in Mohave County from a drug overdose, the fifth-highest total for any county in the state during that time period, according to a report published by County Health Rankings and Roadmaps. This clearly shows how many lives could have been saved if these people had received effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation services at the right time. But unfortunately, there are many more people who are still abusing substances in Mohave County and they will need help before they become the next statistic. Anyone who lives in Mohave County is aware that drugs and alcohol are problems that affect not only the abuser of such destructive substances but also those related to the addict. All addicts of illicit drugs like cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, and other mind-altering drugs know very well the harm they are bringing to those close to them. This is partly why the addict tends to disconnect from family and friends. Their hope is that if they’re far from family, they can’t harm them. Even if this may be true, the relative knows the addict still suffers and usually getting worse by the day. Mohave County is doing its best to cut down on illicit drug trafficking and dealing, in and around the county but better than that are the resources available to all who reach for it. Relatives of addicts can find support with groups and individual counseling. The addict can find detox centers and residential addiction treatment programs.

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One of the main causes of overdose death over the last decade has been opioids. Opioids are extremely addictive drugs that can be very potent and can cause dependence and death very easily. Many people who are addicted to opioids began taking them from a legitimate prescription, then became physically dependent. This occurs because of a phenomenon known as tolerance. When a person consumes an addictive drug like Oxycodone, it creates an imbalance within the person’s endorphin system. If this occurs repeatedly, or the imbalance is sustained for long enough, the system adjusts to account for the presence of the foreign chemical. Now, it takes more Oxycodone to create this imbalance, and when the person doesn’t keep a consistent level of the drug in their system, they will feel bad. This is what is known as withdrawal, and there will be many symptoms present that are the opposite of what the drug produced.

So, in the case of opioids, the person in withdrawal will have pain, agitation, restlessness, and a list of other discomforts. The only way to remedy these symptoms if to take more opioids and this is how addiction begins. The person will now be forced to resort to illegal measures to obtain enough opioids to satisfy the body’s demand, or else they will be extremely ill for several days. This is what compels people who are addicted to drugs to commit crimes or use needles. Until they get help or overdose, this cycle will get worse.

As a person’s tolerance grows, it becomes much more likely to overdose. They must consume larger amounts of the drug to feel normal, let alone “get high”. This means that if the particular batch of drugs they are consuming is unusually potent or if there’s something wrong with it, they’ll be putting that much more of it into their system in one shot. Accidental overdoses often involve fentanyl, a drug that’s deadly potent and must be diluted to even be useable. If the fentanyl is mixed improperly or inadequately with the heroin, it can be dispersed inconsistently throughout the batch. This means pockets of higher concentration which can easily be fatal.

Anyone struggling with substance abuse can find help in Mohave County. Don’t hesitate to speak with an addiction treatment professional about whatever your situation is.

Here is a list of the different drug rehab centers in Mohave County, Arizona. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our treatment specialists at 1-800-304-2219.

List of Drug Rehab Centers in Mohave County, Arizona


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