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Montana Methadone Detoxification Programs

Within the state of Montana methadone detox centers can be found in the different counties throughout the state, and will be able to help methadone users successfully come off of the drug. Some methadone users end up on such large amounts of the drug, while others maintain their use at small dosages. Methadone does cause physical addiction, and a person will become physically dependent on the drug when they are using it. A methadone detox center will help a user safely come off of the drug, and will help them control the withdrawal symptoms so as they are not too painful or cause too much discomfort.

Methadone detox is not a final solution for drug and alcohol addiction, and an addict should seriously look at attending a drug and alcohol treatment program once they have completed their methadone detox. Most methadone detox facilities will be able to offer resources or referrals to drug and alcohol treatment programs, which will be able to help their addiction. A detox off of methadone will be a difficult process, but it is important it is done in a controlled setting where a patient is under constant supervision.