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Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) Services for Substance Abuse in the District of Columbia

Therapy and counseling is an important part of drug treatment, and some of the drug and alcohol treatment programs in Washington D.C. will provide motivational enhancement therapy. This type of therapy is a specific form of counseling, which is done in various phases to help motivate the addict to make a change. These internally motivated changes brought about will ensure the addict can learn how to change their own thoughts and behaviors. Substance abuse is a dangerous problem that does take significant work to eliminate from your life, but with the right help, it can be done. When searching for drug rehab programs in Washington D.C. you will come across inpatient and outpatient centers, and it will be important to find the right type of counseling and therapy. Motivational enhancement therapy may not work for every addict, but it can be a good therapy approach to treat most aspects of addiction.