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Nevada Benzodiazepine (Diazepam) Detox & Rehabs

The chronic or long-term use of benzodiazepines will cause anorexia, insomnia, anxiety, headaches, and cognitive problems. Commonly prescribed benzodiazepines include Ativan, Xanax, Librium, and Valium. The longer someone is taking these drugs; they are increasing the tolerance they will have for them. The development of a tolerance for benzodiazepine will place the addicts at risk of an overdose, as they may attempt to use more than what their body can handle.

The combination of benzodiazepines and alcohol has been responsible for countless overdose deaths all throughout the United States. Many addicts struggle with achieving any level of sobriety because of how difficult the withdrawal pains may be. Other difficulties will include the intense pleasurable effects the drugs have, and this proves to be hard to give up for many users. When searching for help, it is important to find a suitable detox program such as a medical detox center. Across the state of Nevada are different inpatient and outpatient rehab centers, many of which will help an addict through a benzodiazepine addiction.


Meet a Detox Expert


Dr. Rohit is a Diplomate of the American Society of Addiction Medicine who has been supervising successful detox for over 13 years. He also has helped hundreds of people getting off drugs and alcohol addiction.

Nevada Addiction Services by Type of Drug

Nevada Addiction Services by Type of Drug