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Nevada Methadone Detoxification Programs

Opiate addiction can be handled in many different ways, but for some users they may end up using methadone to treat their opiate addiction. If a methadone user remains on this drug for extended periods of time they may end up building a physical dependency to it, and it can be quite difficult to come off of the drug. In order to withdrawal off of the drug the user will have to either go on a wean down program set up by the prescribing doctor, or will have to attend a methadone detox center. In the state of Nevada, there are some methadone detox facilities where addicts can safely withdrawal and detox off of methadone.

This is done in a residential setting where medical professionals can monitor their detox and help them through the withdrawal symptoms, which can be very painful and cause some health problems in some cases. Methadone detox is only the first step in a drug treatment process; it is important that an addict attends a drug and alcohol rehab program after they have completed a methadone detox.