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New Jersey Methadone Addiction Detox Centers

Methadone detox centers will accept different health insurance plans, and some facilities will be low-cost or free, while others will be private methadone treatment centers. All of these resources will offer residential care for patients, and will provide all the services needed for them to get through the withdrawals and detox safely from methadone.

Detox centers and medical detox facilities are located all throughout the state of New Jersey, and many of these detox centers are hooked up with drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs so as addicts can receive all the help they need. Included in these many different resources are methadone detox centers where addicts can detox and withdrawal off of methadone. Methadone detox is important as it does help methadone users become completely clean off of the drug. Methadone is used to help opiate users get off of the opiates they are using, but it is not meant as a long-term solution and there should be a plan for the patient to get off of the methadone.